"What Should I Expect When I Visit Christian Fellowship?"

At Christian Fellowship Ministries, we feel that it's OUR responsibility to make you feel like family. We want you to be able to experience the dynamic worship, encouraging messages, friendly people and enjoyable atmosphere that are a part of Christian Fellowship. We know that any time you visit a new church, it brings up some questions. Here is a quick look at what you can expect, based on what people see when they visit Christian Fellowship. 

A Family Minded Church

We believe that the body of Christ should function as a family. We are all here to serve one another and to grow together in Christ.

Come As You Are

When you visit CFM, you won't find a perfect person in the building. We don't expect you to be one either! 

Sunday Services

Our Sunday services are the highlight of our week. This is the time we stand before God as a church and offer our praise and prayers to Him. You'll enjoy uplifting praise, worship, and anointed messages from God’s word that help you deal with real-life issues and grow in your relationship with Christ. What you learn on Sunday, you'll be able to use during the week. We want to help you connect with the personal hope and practical help that God can give us.

Helpful Staff 

Whether you're looking for the nursery or youth ministry, a greeter will be nearby to help you get to where you need to go. 

Weekly Services:

          Sundays, Worship & The Word:

We have Kids Ministry available

Wednesdays, Mid-Week Service:

Wednesday nights at 7PM in our main sanctuary we have our Mid-Week Service. This has become our more intimate time of gathering together.  Grab your families, Bible & journal and join us for a time of seeking the face of the Lord. 

Bible Studies Schedule

We want to keep you updated on all the ways you can get involved. Below are listed all the Bible Studies & Prayer Groups that are active throughout the week. This is a great way to get involved with your new community. 


Intercession, 9am in the A-Frame

Community Group (Young Adults), 5:30PM, Sanctuary


Men’s Bible Study, 8AM, Parcells Perk

Women’s Bible Study, 1:30PM, Marcella’s Kitchen

Overcomers Support Group, 6PM, Youth Building


Bible Studies, 6PM, Gym. 

Youth Group, 6PM, Youth Building

Mid-Week Service, 7PM, Sanctuary


Men’s Bible Study, 2nd & 4th Thurs., 6PM, Youth Building;

Young Married Couples, 2nd & 4th Thurs., 6PM, Freeman Home


Prayer Meeting, 9:30AM, Youth Building


Saturday Sisters, last Saturday of the month, 9AM, Driskill Home

If you have any questions reguarding any of the studies above, please send an email to