Christian Fellowship Ministries

Christian Fellowship Ministries is a vibrant, growing church with a passion for Jesus Christ and a vision to equip believers to reach the local community as well as the nation's.

Here at CFM we strongly believe that church should be a family. Always there to encourage, build each other up, grow in Christ together, and to serve one another.

We strive to be the kind of church described in the Bible—a church with sound Biblical teaching, dynamic worship, wonderful fellowship, answered prayer, and evangelism both locally & globally. We're a church with a heart dedicated to helping people discover God’s love and will for their lives.

So, whether you're someone who’s just starting to seek God, or a committed Christian who wants to grow your faith even deeper, you can find a place of worship and fellowship here with us at Christian Fellowship Ministries.

Our service times are:


10AM & "The Gathering" at 3PM

Prayer Meeting at 5PM


Clusters starting at 7 p.m.

We would love to have you!


Special Statement for CFM attendees:

We, as a leadership team at CFM, have unanimously made the difficult decision to suspend all "in-person" gatherings at CFM until further notice. We have prayerfully and thoughtfully made this decision, and have concluded that it is in our church's and our community's best interest for us to comply with the recommendations of medical professionals, Governor Beshear, and President Trump. This will include all cluster meetings and Sunday services as well as any other events held on campus. We pray that this will only be for a very brief season.

Though we are heartbroken to have had to make this decision, we do feel that it is the best recourse for our church ministry at this time. We want to make you aware of several unique things that we are doing in the meantime, all of which you can be a part of!!!!

1. "Our Daily Bread" Initiative-

We started airing this morning a video series entitled "Our Daily Bread". We are doing this to speak the Word of God into this situation and to speak life to your spirits. The pastoral staff and other leaders in the church are taking turns giving a brief video devotional each morning. You can find this on Christian Fellowship Ministries Facebook page, and Joy Elise Tarnowski will be sending it out via email every morning as well.

2. Online Church Initiative-

Every Sunday until this crisis is over, I will be delivering a sermon at 10:00 on Facebook live posted on the same venues. It is a wonderful opportunity to attend service and correspond with one another in the comment section as the sermon is being preached!

3. Family Bible Study Initiative-

We encourage each family to conduct Discovery Bible Studies like we have been doing each week in our clusters. This has been my favorite way to study the Bible, and am excited at the thought of families studying His Word together in this manner.

4. Serving intitiative -

There are many of our most vulnerable members (pre-existing conditions, age-vulnerable, immuno-compromised, etc) that need us to step up. They do NOT need to be in public places. This is a way that we can serve you. We would love to grocery shop for you and deliver to your house or run any other errands for you to help keep you safe. Please message Joy Tarnowski either on Facebook or email at if you have a need that we can fill, or if you are able to help serve in this capacity! We are compiling these two lists. We are excited to BE the church! There are many that have already stepped up and are ready to serve! We have been reaching out to many in our church, checking on them, and encourage you to do the same. Together we will prevail!!! Let's take care of each other in this time!

5. Local Business Initiative -

At CFM, we have a myriad of business owners in varied fields that are facing unique challenges. We would also like to compile a list of who you are and what your business is. This is for two reasons. First, we want to stand with you and cover you in prayer through these challenges and believe for God to move and provide for you. Second, we want to advertise for you and encourage our members to support you in every way we can (when we are able to come out of “isolation”). I had a tasty lunch at Parcell's today, myself. Message Joy if we can help serve you in this way!

6. Childcare initiative -

One of the greatest challenges that parents are facing right now with the closure of schools is childcare. We live in a time that “two-income” families are a necessity, and many simply do not have the luxury of being able to take off and don’t have the resources to have someone watch their child and help them with non-traditional instruction. Likewise, many of our families have stay-at-home parents that are able to help serve in this capacity. This is a very practical way that we can help serve and love one another. If you have this need or are able to serve and love in this way, please message Joy! We have already had a response and those that are ready to help in this area when the need arises!

7. Giving initiative -

We understand that many people are worried about the economic situation in this country in these uncertain times, but we feel called to “move in the opposing spirit” during this season realizing that churches and para-church organizations could pay a massive price (but they don’t HAVE to). My wife and I have decided that we are going to increase our giving during these times knowing that “we cannot out-give God”. The work is great before us, and we trust God! Thank you to the many that have sacrificially given so much over the years, and to those that have asked how they can continue to give. You can give at, or text the word "Give" to 270-906-9658 and walk through the prompts (this is my favorite way to give), or we will be attempting to keep office hours each morning as long as we can, so you can drop your tithes by.

8. Prayer Initiative -

We are a church that believes in the power of prayer. And we call on all Christians to intercede on behalf of our nation during this time that we can experience true breakthrough! Pray for our church, that we can be the true representation of Jesus. Pray for protection for our communities. Pray that the power of God be present! And pray that our King would receive glory through all of this!

9. Unity Initiative-

We at CFM are also encouraging the body of Christ to come together. This is not a time to let petty differences separate us. Let's come together! I am calling for all of us to put any differences aside during this season! Young and old, come together! Black and white, come together! Democrat and Republican, come together! All denominations, come together! United we WILL stand!

We are also open for any other ideas and ministry thoughts that you may have. I believe that the church will will not only "survive" but also "thrive" through these times! Revival is upon us!