Men's Ministries

Christian Fellowship Church is committed to seeing our men develop a core of friendships that will encourage each of us to deepen our walk with Christ and at the same time expand our sphere of influences. Iron sharpens iron! Be challenged and encouraged by other men through Bible studies, fellowships and outreach opportunities.

Join us on Tuesday Mornings at 8AM at Parcells in Draffenville for our weekly Men's bible Study. 

Our ultimate Goal is to build up our men so that they reflect the Biblical model of our Lord Jesus Christ. If you are a man who 'walks' the path of Christ you will be a better boss, co-worker, father, husband and friend. Let us encourage you along the path.

Service Projects

It's always good to gather with a purpose. That's why the men of CFM have come together to be the hands and feet of those who might have a harder time doing projects themselves. If you are interested in getting involved with this ministry, please contact Jill at the church office by calling (270)-527-8369 x140.