Under the guidance of our Leadership Council, we have decided to move forward with only the 10am service, both in person and online. This means that The Gathering, our 3pm service is canceled until further notice. If you are healthy and plan on joining us in person, please follow all social distancing guidelines and protocols below.
Be sure to watch our Facebook page and your email for updates!


While we are offering to meet together in person again, we are asking all vulnerable persons to stay at home and participate in our Online Service. We are also asking all individuals who feel a little under the weather to stay home. We want to move forward with the most caution and unity as possible. To know what to expect, please read the following from Pastor Richie or you can watch his video at the bottom of the page, which communicates his heart for these next couple weeks.


Social Distancing Guidelines -

We are recommending that all attendees practice safe social distancing guidelines, that all of us are used to at this point. This includes, but is not limited to the wearing of masks, staying 6 feet from others, etc. It is going to take all of us working together to make CFM the safest place possible. Though we are seeking to be diligent in our implementation of these conservative guidelines, we want you to know that it will take all of us, we are not the police, we are not your medical professional, and because of such we are not the “enforcers”, but we are asking for your help. We are simply asking that all of us choose what is best for the community over what is best for us personally. And in so doing, we fulfill the law of Christ. We understand that people come from many different perspectives when addressing this pandemic, and have a lot of different opinions and factors that weigh into their decision making. We ask that you respect each person, and that you understand that we are not all going to agree on what is necessary.

Offering -

We affirm that giving is a discipline and obedience of trusting the Lord with our finances, and we want to thank you for your sacrificial giving throughout the entirety of these past couple of months. God has been good to us! Over the past couple of years, we introduced online giving, and also “text to give”. These have proven to be invaluable to us, especially in the midst of this pandemic. There will not be a corporate time of offering for the time being. We will continue to use these online tools, plus the offering boxes hanging beside the doors in the foyer.

Bathroom Use -

To be able to comply with social distancing guidelines, we are asking that only one person at a time use the facilities. We also are implementing a regimented disinfecting of the facilities for your safety.

Chairs -

In an effort to more thoroughly disinfect our sanctuary, as a temporary measure, our padded red chairs have been replaced with our hard white wedding chairs. We have done this because we feel that a hard surface can be more easily cleaned and wiped down with disinfectant. We understand the hardship that this will be for some, but wanted to let you know this in advance so you can make a more informed decision for what is best for your family.

Seating Procedures -

In an effort to maximize space in the building, we are implementing procedures for seating because our seating will be limited. A staff member will be assisting you to your seat. We are allowing you to choose who you sit with, but we are asking that you show up together at the front door. If your entire seating party is not there yet, please wait in your car until they arrive. The rows will look different and there will be less chairs in the sanctuary and we want to maximize the space that is provided. And once a person is seated, we ask that you do not change seats. When we have reached capacity, we will have overflow rooms. Because of seating changes, there might be some that would be more comfortable at another service.

Dismissal Procedures -

We will be utilizing all exit doors in the sanctuary, and when service is over, we ask that you do not make a mad dash for the door. We will be dismissing much like a wedding. Just know that when the sermon is over, you will be dismissed in a safe and orderly fashion.

Ministry Time -

One thing that we often do at CFM is that instead of coming to the altar to respond to the Lord or to have needs prayed for, we stand up in our seats, and those around you pray with you as we pray corporately. We will continue to have ministry time in this manner.

There will be more things to be released in the near future, but we wanted to communicate as best as we can what we know so you can make an informed decision. And we also realize that these plans will continue to be fluid as we learn and grow together. It is my heart that we reconvene now. The time is now, and we have the peace to do so. Before I close, I want to share my heart with you as your pastor about what I personally will be doing.