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Women's Ministries

              If you are a lady looking to get plugged-in, we have a few ways of doing so.
        We have a monthly gathering of ladies called "Ladies Freedom in Christ". Here, women come
        together for food, fellowship, worship and teaching. Different ladies in CFM are asked each 
        month to share. We believe in empowering each other and making room for each person to 
        operate in their gifting. Public speaking not your thing? No worries! There  are many other areas 
        to serve in.  
        Although everyone coming together is important, we encourage the women in CFM to be 
        active with one another in their daily lives. We strongly believe in Mentorship. No matter your
        age, there is always someone to pour into. The relationships that are naturally formed here are
        beautiful things. God created us as beings that need relationships. It is our hope that every
        woman makes those connections.