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Our Nursery Church services' children from ages birth through 2 years old (up until their 3rd birthday). If your child is 3 years of age or above, we ask that you enroll them in Lil’K, our program designed especially for children ages 3 years through Kindergarten. 

Nursery Church is open & fully-staffed during the following services:

  • Sunday Morning at 10am
  • Sunday Afternoon at 3pm
  • Wednesday Night at 7pm

1. Our Nursery Church opens at least 15 minutes prior to each service, including Sunday School. 

2. All parents must sign their child in, listing all information requested, including the parents’ cell phone number(s). 

3. If your child has any special care requirements, please note them on the sign-in sheet during registration. 

4. Please make sure all diaper bags are well-stocked with sufficient number of diapers, and that all bags, bottles & cups are labeled or marked with your child’s name. 

5. If your child is or has been sick, please do not register them for the safety and health of our other children and families. We respectfully do not accept children with symptoms of fever, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive coughing, or discolored nasal drainage. This is simply for the purpose of protecting other children in our care. 

6. We cannot administer any medication to your child. If your child requires medication during the service, please make arrangements to return to administer the medication. 

7. If your child is not comfortable staying Nursery Church without you, we welcome you into our classroom. 

8. Please turn your cell phone to vibrate during the service, and keep it near you at all times. In the event your child becomes anxious to the extent that we cannot effectively calm him/her, we will call you on your cell, alerting you to come pick the child up. 

9. Children should be picked up within 15 minutes after the close of the service. 

10. If no children have registered within 20 minutes after a service has begun, the nursery doors will remain open for parents to use, but it will not be staffed by our Nursery Team. 

“From the moment I was born you have been my God.”
Psalm 22:10

While at Nursery Church your child will:
· Learn and sing Bible songs
· Be taught the Word of God by our fabulously creative instructors
· Be fed a small snack and juice drink (please be sure to let us know about any food allergies)
· Color or do other small crafts
· Play & generally have a great time